Benefits of kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga works directly on both the nervous system as the gland system, allowing you to experience the effects of the exercises immediately. In addition to the physical​

effects such as stretching of the muscles, speeding up the elimination of toxins and a deep relaxation, kundalini yoga can also provide insight into emotional blockages and fears and transform them.
You become more aware of your actions and the consequences. The acquired awareness can help you to communicate more authentic, in contact with yourself.

Kundalini yoga is a ' tool ' to:

Recognize and reduce stress
Rise the physical and mental flexibility
Balance the nervous and glandular system
Improve personal communication
Stimulate creativity
Prevent insomnia, high blood pressure and cholesterol, depression and PMS
Expand consciousness

A lesson takes 90 minutes and consists of a fixed sequence of exercises (Kriyas), relaxation and meditation.


"Prayer is talking to God, meditation is letting God talk to you"

"When the Time is on You, Start and the Pressure will be Off"

3rd Sutra of the aquarian age