What is kundalini yoga?

kundalini yoga is ' the mother of all yogas ' and is also called the yoga of consciousness. It is a powerful form of yoga that works very transforming. It helps you become more aware of your physical, mental and emotional health: a healthy body, a balanced mind, energy, vitality, creativity & radiance. It is an active form of yoga where you can immediately experience what the exercise does for you. The dynamic body exercises are combined with different breathing techniques (including breath of fire), mantra and meditations. It gives a very direct effect, after a few lessons you feel already more vital, more flexible, more alert and more balanced in body and mind. Above all, kundalini yoga is a yoga you must experience!

I tell you today, i'll tell you tomorrow, and I'll tell you every day: You have only one friend - you and your discipline which will give you all that you need. The rest are all promises ' 


Yogi Bhajan master in kundalini yoga


Yogi Bhajan (Harbhajan Singh Khalsa) was born in 1929 in what is now Pakistan.
He started at a young age with practicing yoga and at his 16th he was already recognized by his master as master of Kundalini Yoga. He lived a Sikh Dharma.