Some comments :


'Super de luxe massage. So affectionate. I felt the love and passion for your work through your hands ! So grateful ! And I am still enjoying.' Lut V.

' I have been receiving massages for 20 years and I have never been able to receive such a good massage. This is a sincere compliment to you.' Stefaan B.

I am so happy that I got to know you. Since I receive your massage I feel much more relaxed. My husband is very rational and sceptical against 'eastern techniques' but he sees the effect on me and he encourages me to keep on coming. Vera B.

'The Closing the Bones massage brought me deep into myself, my essence, my being. I felt cozy within, I felt a kind of sexual desire and the fulfillment at the same time. I connected with my femininity and felt my child from a past live.
The movements were soothing and comforting. The music and the singing gave me the space to open up completely and to connect with my Self. It felt as a very unique, spiritual treatment, not like any massage I experienced before.
Anterjot gives this treatment with a lot of loving care and devotion. Very grateful that I could experience this ancient, beautiful and unique technique.' Jai Amar

' I want to thank you again for the blissful massage yesterday. It has done so much virtue. You have golden hands. ' Ruth G.

' On the advice of my family doctor I came to you. I had many physical complaints, stress, no energy, back and neck pain where I couldn't sleep and so much more. I

spent a fortune on kine, massage and Osteo. I have had very good therapists, but I want to tell you; What you do is extraordinary. I finally sleep again and the neck pain is 90% away, energy is doubled. Really incredible. Thank you. The surrender and quality of your massage is out of the ordinary. No nonsense, no superfluous luxury, but top quality without bells and whistles. Sincere, honest and pure. Thank you so much  keep it so please because it is exceptional. ' Marc DR


' I would like to thank you again for the serene treatment and our short conversation afterwards. Very enjoyable, casual and so authentic that you are Anterjot. A relief. ' Ann V

These comments rejoice me. It's very rewarding and fun working, the feeling to be able to change something to others gives me great satisfaction.


07 307 542 405 or email

07 307 542 405 or email