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About the 60 minutes Ayurvedic treatment:

'Anterjot Kaur is very unique in her energy and approach. She deeply cares for her clients and ensures the right treatment is offered based on their needs. I have had full body massage and you can feel a real difference in the mind, body and energy. I have recommended her services to both my mums, daughter and family and friends. They have all found real benefits.My mum is currently having a Closing the Bones session! Thank you Anterjot' Dee Bahia  🪷🦋🧘🏻‍♀️🫶🏼🙏🏼 (17/05/2023)

' I want to thank you again for the blissful massage yesterday. It has done so much virtue. You have golden hands. ' Ruth G

' On the advice of my family doctor I came to you. I had many physical complaints, stress, no energy, back and neck pain where I couldn't sleep and so much more. I

spent a fortune on kine, massage and Osteo. I have had very good therapists, but I want to tell you; What you do is extraordinary. I finally sleep again and the neck pain is 90% away, energy is doubled. Really incredible. Thank you. The surrender and quality of your massage is out of the ordinary. No nonsense, no superfluous luxury, but top quality without bells and whistles. Sincere, honest and pure. Thank you so much  keep it so please because it is exceptional. ' Marc DR


'Super de luxe massage. So affectionate. I felt the love and passion for your work through your hands ! So grateful ! And I am still enjoying.' Lut V

'Anterjot has golden hands. I experienced many deep, qualitative , meditative massages from her. Anterjot is serving as a channel for Divine energies, intuitive, healing, soothing... Very present, sensing, responsive, aligned and working from the heart. Excellent value!' Carina B.

'Vjkk vjkf penji, just wanted to say thank you so much for my massage, it was absolutely brilliant, so relaxing and soothing! May Maharaj bless you even more with this type of seva. I will try and book another one during the kids school holidays. Thank you so much once again' J. Kaur 

' I always come to myself under your golden hands. I would like to thank you again for the serene treatment and our short conversation afterwards. Very enjoyable, casual and so authentic that you are Anterjot. A relief. ' Ann V

' I have been receiving massages for 20 years and I have never been able to receive such a good massage. This is a sincere compliment to you.' Stefaan B.

'I am so happy that I got to know you. Since I receive your massage I feel much more relaxed. My husband is very rational and sceptical against 'eastern techniques' but he sees the effect on me and he encourages me to keep on coming.' Vera B.

'Thank you so much for the massage yesterday!! I really enjoyed it and felt very relaxed. Your energy was so loving, soothing and calming. You were also good at picking up where I had more stress/tension in the body and worked on those areas very well!! Even though I'm struggling with my PMS at the moment, the energy and lightness I feel in my body is helping me cope with the heaviness/mood swing!s in my head. I keep wanting to jump and move around I feel great!'

G. Kaur

'Really professional massage. Have been going regularly for sometime now. Anterjot is lovely, warm and makes you feel very comfortable. Treatment room is also nice and relaxing. Massages always leave me feeling so relaxed' (5* Google account review 30/04/2023, Taran Kaur)

Awesome treatments always! Very skilled therapist and I am always left feeling as light as a feather- thank you so much 😊 (5* Google account review 30/04/2023, Rabhjot Kaur)

About the 90 minutes Ayurvedic treatment :

'Thank you Anterjot to pass on your positive powers in this unforgettable massage. Your hug felt for me as an inspiration to meditate more. God bless you' G.Vanheule (21/01/2022)

'Thank you so much for my massage yesterday - it was honestly soo relaxing and amazing! Loved every second of it! Trying to convince my husband to get one as well, he has a few aches and pains in his joints... Thank you so much ones again, may Maharaj bless you even more with this seva, stay in Chardikala xxx' J. Kaur (29/01/2022)

'Thank you sooo much once again for my treatment, I can't tell you how amazing it was ... Honestly I completely forgot about all my work/ stress / worries just everything ... I was on a totaaly different planet lol ... it was soo soothing and peaceful - absolutely loved it. Thanks a lot' J. Kaur (22/02/2022)


'I have to say that it is such an escape from day to day life and it takes me to that special space. I would come every day if I could afford it and if I had the time. I really think what you do is so special. Each time I come I feel a little more calmer than the previous time and my body feels a little more relaxed than the previous time. So it feels like it just gets better and better. Sorry I am goin on a bit. I haven't been drinking honestly. Just very grateful' David (26/03/2023)

Thank you so much for my divine massage yesterday! It was so so so good and really needed...I felt like a different person this morning :-)... Think I need one more treatment after we've moved everything over, so I will be in touch :-) Wishing you all the best always bhenji (sister) J. Kaur (13/04/2023)

About the 90 minutes combination treatment Ashiatsu - Ayurvedic :

'I'm personally very thankful as my body hasn't been this pain free and relaxed in years. I think the combination of the ashiatsu and Ayurvedic massage did wonders on my body. My whole right side was messed up and different parts were effecting other parts. But really I feel the benefits from the treatment will definitely be recommending you to friends and family' S.Kaur (23/12/2021)

'I am very happy with your treatment. The harsh sphere in my carf is gone. You do such an excellent job. I hope you are doing well in Birmingham and that you may help many people there as well with your treatments. Warm wishes and untill the next time' L Viane (27/01/2022)

A quick message to say thank you very much for yesterday. I can not believe how good I felt during, after and this morning. I slept like a baby. You have the most incredible gift - I felt completely at ease with you and your calm caring voice etc makes the whole experience incredible. Thank you!! I feel like I want to come back again today !! Just can not believe how good it was. (David, 23/05/2022)

I had Ayurvedic and Ashiatsu deep tissue massage from Anterjot Kaur and it has done wonders, such a beautiful and loving practioner. My husband and mother in law go to her as well , we are always so excited to see Anterjot ❤️❤️❤️❤️Gurkiran Kaur (15/5/2023)

About the Closing the Bones treatment :

I had a closing the bones treatment bundle gifted to me from hubby as a post partum and birthday gift. Absolutely wonderful experience, so energising and centering and grounding, never experienced anything like it, and i could feel my third eye being activated throughout. When baby is older I will definitely try this again, as having to worry about him whilst having the treatment wasn’t ideal, and I know the experience would be even more wonderful with a free mind. Anterjot is a wonderful person and it was a pleasure to have a high vibration being giving me such a treatment. I also had a very nice ayurvedic treatment where my muscles were given the massage they truly needed after being stuck breastfeeding all day and handling a 4 year old simultaneously. Overall I will be recommending Anterjot to everyone I know! Harpal Kaur (28/09/2020)

Antarjot came out to give me a closing the bones massage as I recently had a baby. She was absolutely AMAZING I have never felt so at ease or relaxed. My body feels more energetic already! I would highly recommend 🙏🏼 Antarjot herself is such a lovely humble lady and brings a very calm and relaxed aroma around you 🙏🏼🌟 thank you again xxxx Jyoti Multani (09/09/2020)

'The Closing the Bones massage brought me deep into myself, my essence, my being. I felt cozy within, I felt a kind of sexual desire and the fulfillment at the same time. I connected with my femininity and felt my child from a past live.
The movements were soothing and comforting. The music and the singing gave me the space to open up completely and to connect with my Self. It felt as a very unique, spiritual treatment, not like any massage I experienced before.
Anterjot gives this treatment with a lot of loving care and devotion. Very grateful that I could experience this ancient, beautiful and unique technique.' Jai Amar (20/05/2020)

These comments rejoice me. It's very rewarding and fun working, the feeling to be able to change something in others life gives me great satisfaction.


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