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On a sunny afternoon in the sand a girl in white clothes is sitting and practicing yoga, r

Combination packages


Attain inner peace and balance 

Connect with your true Self


Package 1

Time to slow down - Me time

5 sessions of 90 minutes private yoga + 1 Ayurvedic massage 

An investment in yourself, give yourself the time and space

to truly feel what is at present in you and what's needed

There is a source of more then 1000 kriyas and meditations

to work very specific on your need.

For example difficulty to deal with emotions such as anger, fear,

lust, anxiety etc... or suffering from burnout, insomnia,

low self esteem etc ... or any physical discomfort such as

lower back pain, sore muscles, bad flexibility or more profound

controlling your mind by connecting with your Soul (Higher Self)

and the Divine, learning to work with your breath to control

your mind in order to find the peace within

"If you give your Soul a chance, your Soul will give you all the changes,

everything else (all worldly affairs) will fall into place"

Price £195  (= £5 discount on top of 30 minutes free massage

treatment so a total discount of £25 )

Package 2

Time for change

10 sessions of 90 minutes private yoga + 1 free ayurvedic massage 

In this series we take the time to work extensively and profound on a

specific theme to achieve a lasting change and integrate it into daily life.

For the combination packages I only offer the 90 minute sessions as

this time is really required to get the most out of it !

"The boat and paddle on the path of the Soul are faith and pure devotion"

£ 390 ( = £10 discount on top of 60 minutes free Ayurvedic massage so a total discount of £55)

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