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Against a background of blue sky the girl raised her hands up in a yoga pose in white clot

Group Class yoga & meditation

Attain inner peace and balance

"Happiness is your birthright"

"Always expect more from yourself than from others, because expectations from others hurt a lot while expectactations from yourself inspire a lot" 

As in the private yoga & meditations we work with different tools , in the group class it is mainly kundalini yoga we practice. It's a 90 minutes class which always includes tuning in and warming up, a kriya ( = complete action, a serie of exercises to work on a specific topic), a relaxation and a meditation to end the class

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is ' the mother of all yogas ' as it is the oldest yoga form ever practised.

Kundalini = the primordial vital energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. The practice of KY awakens that dormant potential, the kundalini energy. It makes it rise, successively balancing the chakras and leading to the awakening of Consciousness. That is why it is called the 'yoga of Awaking' or 'the Yoga of Consciousness'

It is a powerful form of yoga that works very transforming. It helps you become more aware of your physical, mental and emotional health: a healthy body, a balanced mind, energy, vitality, creativity & radiance. It is an active form of yoga where you can immediately experience what the exercise does for you. The dynamic body exercises are combined with different breathing techniques (including breath of fire), mantra and meditations. It gives a very direct effect, after a few lessons you feel already more vital, more flexible, more alert and more balanced in body and mind. Above all, it's a yoga that you must EXPERIENCE!


Benefits of kundalini yoga and meditation

It works directly on both the nervous system and the gland system, allowing you to experience the effects of the exercises immediately. In addition to the physical​

effects such as stretching of the muscles, speeding up the elimination of toxins and a deep relaxation, kundalini yoga can also provide insight into emotional blockages and fears and transform them. You become more aware of your actions and the consequences. The acquired awareness can help you to communicate more authentic, in contact with yourself.

Kundalini yoga is a ' tool ' to:

Recognize and reduce stress                                                                                                                       

Rise the physical and mental flexibility

Balance the nervous and glandular system

Improve personal communication

Stimulate creativityPrevent insomnia, high blood pressure and cholesterol, depression and PMS

Expand consciousness


Recently I stopped giving group classes to focus fully on One-to-One private sessions​

1 hour One-to-One session

tailored to your journey

The benefits of private yoga


  • It is to match with irregular working hours and is also possible during daytime, at times when it suits you


  • It is very subdued, personal and discreet

  • It can be an extra incentive to persevere​

  • We can work very specifically around a particular topic/ problem in your life whether it is fysically, mentally (emotionally) or spiritually

      And above all :

  • It will connect you with your Soul and this will bring profound change in your daily life. It's all within


      Some possible topics :

  • Breathing and stress reduction through proper breathing

  • Meditative exercises

  • Voice Liberation

  • Opening of the Heart Center

  • A Journey through the Chakras (energy centres)

  • Self-confidence – standing in your power


      Sorting out discomforts such as:

  • Sleeping disorder

  • Anxiety 

  • Anger

  • Burnout

  • Depression

  • Other mental disorders...

"Everything, including the creator, is within you" 

Although I recommend to work one-to-one as we can work very specific according to your need there is also the option to bring someone with you and do a regular class at shared cost so only £15 

"Life is a game of love, only your participation is required"

Price :


90 minute One-to-One session tailored to your journey

Why preferably a 90 minutes session?

Here the same principle as the 60 minutes of private yoga, where we take time to work on a topic more extensively and profound with more meditation time

We will discuss the issues / the topic to work on beforehand !

And same as for the one hour private yoga there is the option to bring someone with you and do a regular class at shared cost so only £20 / person for a 90 minute class

So it gives the possibility of doing a group class individually or with a friend in a more intimate circle. 

But to work very specific on a topic / issue in your life obviously a 1 to 1 private class will be more beneficial

So basically we have to take our life in our own hands or in other words God helps the ones who help themself... always keep in mind that :

"Happiness is your birthright"

Price :

£ 40

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