Anterjot Kaur

Massage therapist - Kundalini yoga teacher


When I look upon my life path so far, traveling and spirituality form a red (common)  thread. So did I choose  after studying applied psychology for a ‘sabbatical’ year to discover 'my self' and the world deeper. My travels brought me, among other, to the Golden Temple in Amritsar (India) as well as to a spiritual community in Nicaragua, where I did volunteer work. I am very grateful for these experiences, which always bring me closer to 'the essence'.

I practice yoga from 19 years of age. In 2013 I found my calling in kundalini yoga, which caused a lot of transformation and profound changes. A huge enrichment.

This led to the KRI certified kundalini yoga instructors training. Guiding people in the practice of kundalini yoga is very rewarding and gives me a lot of satisfaction!

Teaching also motivated me to go deeper in my own practice and in the teaching skills. So am I currently occupied with the transformational level 2 modules.

But above all I feel grateful that through the practice of kundalini yoga I became a Sikh of the Guru

Giving massage is another passion, something I do with heart and soul!

I deepened my practice in ayurvedic massage techniques at YAH (Yoga and ayurvedic health) with John Marchand. This tremendously broadened my view on ayurveda and brought me a lot on an energetic level. It nourished my feeling and the conviction even more to assist people trough touch.

In 2018 I was blessed to receive training in Closing the Bones massage from Sophie Messager and Japjeet Kaur. To be able to offer this deeply working sacred ceremonial treatment is a tremendous gift as well. 

The soul path I consider as immensely instructive and fascinating. To walk this path I find mainly nourishment in meditation, Naam simran, tantra and Shabad Guru.


My ‘spiritual name’ Anterjot Kaur also reminds me of this path and is very dear to me. It means 'being blessed to experience God's light within'.

Chardi Kala reminds me on deepening my Sikh path. In it purest sense it stems from Naam. When we enjoy the bliss and joy of knowing our outer and inner Beloved, there can be no question of being sad, it's all Sweet Hukam (Divine will), it's all Chardi kala. 


The longing for Sikh Sangat made me recently move from Belgium to Birmingham





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07 307 542 405 or email

07 307 542 405 or email